The first Secret Lair drops of 2023 are here as a part of the Winter Super Drop 2023. There are seven new drops—six of which are available in both foil and non-foil, with the other being foil-only—featuring snakes, Phryexians in the new Compleat Foil variant or in Phryexian text, definitely-not-Lisa-Frank styles, and more!

Showcase: All Will Be One Step-and-Compleat Edition

Five Phryexian cards from previous releases get the Compleat Edition foil treatment with art from Dominik Mayer, Flavior Girón, Anato Finnstark, Sidharth Chatuvedi, and Kekai Kotaki..

This drop is only offered in foil for $50.

Phyrexian Faves

Five additional Phyrexian cards—but this time, they’re in an all-Phyrexian script card style. Available in both foil ($40) and non-foil ($30).

Draw Your Hand

Four hand-drawn, hand-written cards from artist Rope Arrow…but none of them let you draw cards, let alone a full hand 🤔

Available in both foil ($40) and non-foil ($30).


Five magical snakes with art from Boneface, CROM, NIARK1, Crocodile Jackson, and Laynes. Available in both foil ($40) and non-foil ($30).

The ’90s Binder Experience

The “We Couldn’t Afford to License the Lisa Frank Brand for Universes Beyond” drop. Available in both foil ($40) and non-foil ($30).

City Styles

Four legends and an artifact featuring high fashion outfits by artist Tsubonari. Available in both foil ($40) and non-foil ($30).

Artist Series: Sam Burley

Sam Burley’s first Magic card appeared in Avacyn Restored in 2012. He selected all four of these cards of the cards in his very own Artist Series drop, which is available in both foil ($40) and non-foil ($30).

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