Every new set that drops in Magic: the Gathering Arena comes with its own Set Mastery and Mastery Pass. As the last major set to release in 2022, The Brothers’ War takes Magic players back thousands of years into the past. It’s the place to experience the legendary and terrible war between Urza and his brother, Mishra. 

There are a total of 80 levels in The Brothers’ War Mastery Pass, with each one holding rewards for players to collect. Meanwhile, the Set Mastery has only 66 levels but still provides plenty of rewards to collect. If you’re not sure which pass you want to commit to, this guide will breakdown everything you need to know about the rewards to help you out. 

The Details of Set Mastery and the Mastery Pass

The Mastery Pass and the Set Mastery are ways to reward players for getting in as many games of Magic on Arena as they can. Players move through their Pass when earning XP by leveling up, completing quests, and participating in events. 

There are two versions of Set Mastery. The first is a free track called the Set Mastery where all players earn rewards without any other sort of investment. The other track is a paid version, called Mastery Pass. With this option, players can pay 3400 gems, or $19.99, and have twice as many rewards to collect. This includes additional gems, packs, extra Mastery Orbs, and more.

Along with the Set Mastery comes the Mastery Tree. Players can take orbs collected through the Mastery Pass and use them to unlock additional rewards like card sleeves and card styles. Mastery Passes generally end once the next set launches. Players will have until Phyrexia: All Will Be One on February 7 to maximize their time on Arena. 

Each level requires 1,000 XP to level up, though players can spend gems to accelerate their progress. Each level costs 200 gems. You can choose to spend a little extra gems to gain an additional ten levels when you first purchase the Mastery Pass.

Set Mastery Rewards

The Set Mastery reward track is fairly straightforward. By completing all 66 levels players will earn:

  • 33 The Brothers’ War Booster Packs
  • 5 Mastery Orbs

The five Mastery Orbs are enough to claim several cosmetic items including card styles and an avatar. 

Mastery Pass Rewards

The Mastery Pass reward track has all the rewards included in the Set Mastery track as well as its own. These rewards include:

  • Urzan Automaton Avatar
  • A total of 20 packs from across all Standard legal sets
  • 10 random The Brothers’ War mythic rare individual card rewards
  • 1 The Brothers’ War card sleeve
  • 1 Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor exquisite sleeve
  • 25 Mastery Orbs
  • 15 Common card styles
  • 10 Uncommon card styles
  • 1 Draft Token
  • 4,000 Gold
  • 1,200 Gems
  • Common Urzan Soldier
  • Uncommon Urzan Soldier
  • Rare Urzan Soldier

Once players hit level 81 and beyond, they will receive uncommon individual card rewards with a chance of them upgrading to higher rarities. 

Mastery Tree Rewards

As you start to earn Mastery Orbs, you can spend them on the Mastery Tree. This tree has five branching paths that contain rewards pertaining to specific colors in Magic. As you redeem Mastery Orbs you’ll unlock sleeves based on each of the five Command Cards and card styles across various rarities.

Completing the Mastery Tree will require 30 Mastery Orbs, which you have once you reach level 76 of the Mastery Pass track.

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