For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you know I bleed the black and orange of my Baltimore Orioles. On the occasion of Hipsters 10th Anniversary and our barrage of Top 10 lists, I proudly present 10 Reasons Why the Baltimore Orioles Will Make the Playoffs.

(Please note I am not a baseball writer, just a guy waiting for his team to be good since he was a kid. Be cool.)

10. The Origin

This video is played at the beginning of every home game, on the occasion of the ballpark’s 30th anniversary. Watch.

You can’t clip these wings. You can’t muzzle these beaks.

9. Camden Yards 30th Anniversary

The Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball turns thirty this year, and has been an ongoing celebration since Opening Day. To have that party continue right through to October and get her to the playoffs again would be the icing on the cake. And dare I say a World Series? Well that would be the cherry on top.

8. The Best Farm System in Baseball

The Orioles are ranked as having the best farm system in baseball, on top of having a team that’s already knocking on the playoff doors. Having that promise of a future is inspiring to the present, no questions asked.

7. The B-More Surf & Turf Sausage

That’s right, you can get an Old Bay Sausage with crab dip on top, right there at the stadium. Wash it down with a Union Brewing Duckpin in the big can, and you’re experiencing Charm City at Camden Yards.

6. Brandon Hyde’s Pitching Decisions

I loved Buck Showalter, but not using Zach Britton in 2016 in extra innings cost the team its best shot at October baseball when they lost the Wild Card to the Blue Jays. I’m still not over it, but it seems now manager Brandon Hyde is much more in tune with his bullpen (most of the time).

5. We Can Pitch now, too.

The Orioles have its most comprehensive pitching staff in the last five years, and it’s not close. Even with starting ace John Means out for the remainder of this season (and likely part of 2023) for Tommy John surgery, and Jorge Lopez traded at the deadline, the Birds look good in the bullpen.

4. The Bird is the Word

Is the Oriole Bird the best mascot in baseball? Yes. Whether casting a spell on the opposing pitcher from atop the home dugout or letting kids wear his hat that’s bigger than their heads, he’s the heart of soul of the team.

3. Welcome to the Show, kid.

(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Adley Rutschman, the P1P1 of the 2019 MLB Draft, has finally come to the big house in Baltimore. Batting .251 with 10 HRs and 32 RBIs on the season, he’s getting better literally every game. A real deal catcher and on track for Rookie of the Year, Rutsch is leading the way for what should be a strong of bright prospects for the rest of this year and into the future.

2. The Trade Deadline is Past

The Orioles traded clubhouse leader Trey Mancini and All-Star closer Jorge Lopez at the beginning of August, which left a lot of fans, myself included, scratching their heads. I understand the philosophy of a rebuild, but these moves still stung, even if they were the right decision (which certainly remains to be seen, Mike Elias). Thankfully that can’t happen for the rest of the season, so we’re safe from ourselves, so to speak.

1. Orioles Magic, Baby

That’s right, the goofy jingle from 1980, even though not played at Camden Yards, has still stuck as the team’s tagline all these years later. For those that have been to the ballpark you well know there is something special in those bricks, and as I mentioned with the stadium turning thirty years old this very year, maybe we see a miracle.




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