On today’s 2019 earnings call, Hasbro Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner revealed that Magic: the Gathering Arena would be released on mobile in 2020. Goldner said that Hasbro would provide more information at NY Toy Fair later this month.

“Magic Arena will move to mobile in 2020,” Goldner said on the call, and it’s “incredibly exciting as we give more people access to Magic Arena.”

MTG Arena has been PC-only since the beginning of its Closed Beta in September 2017. It came to the Epic Games Store last month, which will be the exclusive third-party download partner for MTG Arena, with a Mac version expected to come “shorty after” its arrival on Epic.

Stay tuned for more information about MTG Arena’s planned release on mobile at Hasbro’s presentation at NY Toy Fair on Friday, February 21, 2020.

This story has been updated with a direct quote from the earnings call, the recording of which only became available later in the day.

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