Wizards of the Coast teased the existence of a “Mystery Booster” today, as well as two events where you could play with those boosters, but revealed nothing about their potential contents.

The first time players will be able to play with Mystery Boosters will be at MagicFest Richmond on Thursday November 7, 2019, just before Mythic Championship VI and Grand Prix Richmond. Both Draft and Sealed events will be available on Thursday for $45 to $75, respectively, with $25 on-demand drafts becoming available on Friday.

ChannelFireball’s listing for the Mystery Booster events at MagicFest Richmond.

The next opportunity to play with these Mystery Boosters will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA from December 6-8, 2019, where both Draft and Sealed events will be available.

On Weekly MTG, Blake Rasmussen indicated that, while both MagicFest Richmond and PAX Unplugged are in the United States, there will likely be (currently unannounced) non-US locations where players can play with some Mystery Boosters.

Speculation abounds about the possible contents of the Mystery Boosters. The only other detail from today’s announcement is that the release image says “Convention Edition,” implying the existence of different packaging and possibly even a different product name that could be available outside of the initial convention events.

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