Last week, the Magic podcast Proven Combatants announced that they would be sponsoring up to six women and non-binary Magic players on the Star City Games tournament circuit.

“We just wanted to help reduce some of the barriers to women and non-binary folk playing this game competitively,” Chantelle Campbell, one of the co-hosts of Proven Combatants, told Hipsters of the Coast.

The sponsorship will include one entry into a Star City Games Open per month for each player through at least the end of 2019. The players will be given Proven Combatants swag and asked to use it at the events. All of this is being made possible by the podcast’s patrons on Patreon—”To be honest, we couldn’t do this without them!” Campbell said.

Proven Combatants is a competitive Magic podcast that was started two years ago by current co-hosts Chantelle Campbell, Teresa Pho, and Sarah Zyla, as well as former co-host (and current Magic Pro League Member) Autumn Burchett. The podcast seeks to “highlight the ins and outs of the competitive grind from a woman and nonbinary perspective.”

They are currently searching for the women and non-binary Magic players they will sponsor. Apply by sending them a DM on Twitter.

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