Wizards of the Coast has finally unveiled the summer Chronicles events that they recently teased at when re-vamping the Mastery Pass system. These events which will take place weekly for a five-week period from July 28 through August 27 will award new basic land styles as well as 1,000 Mastery Pass experience points each for a total of 5,000 XP (or five levels).

Based on feedback from the War of the Spark Chronicles, which awarded stained glass Planeswalker card styles, these events will be shorter in duration and will require fewer wins to complete. Each weekly event will begin at 8 AM PST on Sunday and end 51 hours later at 11 AM PST on Tuesday. Players will need to win six games in that time to receive all the rewards.

The summer chronicles are being dubbed Plane-Cation and will presumably feature a new plane each week. Each event will also have its own featured format including two returning formats in Pauper and Treasure Constructed plus three new formats: Guild Battle, Standard Shake-Up, and Landfall. You can probably guess which plane will feature Guild Battle (see below).

Plane-Cation Stop #1: Ravnica (July 28 – 30)

The first plane-cation chronicle kicks off next Sunday with a trip to everyone’s favorite plane: Ravnica! This event will reward 1,000 Mastery XP for the first win, as well as some Ravnica basic land options for your collection for each win up to six wins. Once you unlock these lands you’ll be able to add any number of them to your decks going forwards.

The event’s format is being dubbed Guild Battle and will be the first event on MTG Arena to feature pre-constructed decks. Pre-cons are a common feature of Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl mode and also something that’s been used for events on MTG Online. There will be one deck for each guild and you’ll be able to switch decks between games.

All 10 Guild Battle decks.

The announcement also hinted at new basic land styles being available for purchase for gems. If you’re like me then these will be high on your shopping list. It’s likely that these will be rewarded in the Landfall Plane-Cation which would feature Zendikar (the plane most closely associated with the Landfall mechanic).

Noah Bradley full art basics.

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