This morning, Wizards of the Coast announced that Autumn Burchett would be joining the Magic Pro League.

Burchett won Mythic Championship I Cleveland in February, becoming the first non-binary Pro Tour Champion/Mythic Championship winner. They are also two-time (and the reigning) English national champion as well as the current Mythic Points leader in the Magic Pro League’s inaugural 2019 season.

Burchett said on Twitter that “[b]ecoming a part of the MPL is a dream come true.”

Their victory at Mythic Championship I Cleveland inspired a lot of community support and excitement. People exclaimed about Burchett’s “death stare,” made “Pteramander says trans rights” memes, and many changed their social media names to include “Knight of Autumn” to celebrate.

Editor’s Note: Context relating to Owen Turtenwald has been moved to its own article.

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