Owen Turtenwald has been removed from the Magic Pro League and Mythic Championship II London, according to the MPL roster and the Mythic Championship invite list.

Turtenwald’s status in the Magic Pro League has been up in the air since last month, when he was disinvited from the Mythic Invitational after reports surfaced that he had allegedly “exhibited a pattern of predatory behavior toward female Magic players.” Before today’s changes to the Magic Pro League roster and Mythic Championship II invite list, Turtenwald removed all mentions of Magic from his Twitter profile, deleted all of his tweets, and renamed his Twitch channel from OwenTMagic to OwenTurtenwald.

Hipsters of the Coast asked Wizards of the Coast for confirmation but did not hear back before publishing. Hipsters also reached out to both Turtenwald and Ultimate Guard, Turtenwald’s sponsor, for comment but did not hear back before publishing.

The removal of Owen Turtenwald is the second time a player has been disinvited from at least one event in the Magic Pro League in its inaugural 2019 season and is the first case that involved apparent removal from the league entirely. Earlier this year, Magic Pro League member Rei Sato had his invitation to the Mythic Invitational rescinded following a disqualification from the Grand Prix Prague for opportunistically cheating.

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