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Day 1 of Mythic Championship Cleveland is in the books. Plenty of well-known pros find themselves at the top of the standings, while Sultai continues to be the most popular choice in relatively balanced Standard metagame.

The Leaderboard

Michael Bonde and Rob Pisano, whose teammate Andrew Elenbogen won the last Pro Tour, are the only remaining undefeated players, followed by Autumn Burchett, Reid Duke, William Huey Jensen, and 13 others at 7-1.

The Metagame

We knew going in to Mythic Championship Cleveland that Sultai Midrange was likely going to be the most popular deck, and the Day 1 metagame confirmed those suspicions. Well over 21% of the field chose to play Sultai, followed by Nexus of Fate at 14.2%, White Aggro (both Mono-White and Azorious) at 12.4%, and Mono-Blue Tempo at 12%. This is largely the metagame we expected before the tournament.

While Nexus of Fate clocked in as the second most popular deck in Day 1, the feature match area was full of pro teams on Sultai Midrange and Mono-Blue Aggro. Both decks feature powerful cards from Ravnica Allegiance: Hydroid Krasis, which pushed Golgari Midrange to splash Blue and become Sultai, and Pteramander, which helped push Mono-Blue Tempo from 3% of the metagame at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica to 12% at Mythic Championship Cleveland.

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