Update: Wizards confirmed Modern Horizons, a Modern set that will skip Standard, on Weekly MTG this afternoon.

This morning, multiple instances of a set called “Modern Horizons” were found on ChannelFireball Events’ website, indicating that that will be the name of the Modern Innovation product set to be announced today on Weekly MTG.

The name “Modern Horizons” was found on CFB Events’ website as the format of three upcoming Grand Prix: GP Copenhagen and GP Washington DC, which are both on the weekend of June 14-16, as well as GP Seattle, which will be held on the weekend of June 20-23. Those three Grand Prix have already been announced as limited Grand Prix and the timing makes sense, seeing as they fall right in the middle of War of the Spark’s release on May 3 and Core Set 2020 on July 12.

No information about the contents of “Modern Horizons” is publicly available, but the consensus expectation is that the set will be a mix of Modern reprints and new cards that will be legal in non-Standard formats like Modern, Legacy, and Vintage.

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