Hearthstone Legend player Damian Mougakos joins Zac (durdlemagus) and Richard (LooseBuce) for a direct scrutiny of Odd Paladin. His unique list and how it got him past the INNKEEPER!

[Argent Squire] x2
[Acherus Veteran] x1
[Lost in the Jungle] x2
[Bleesing of Might] x2
[Righteous Protector] x2
[Abusive Sergeant] x1
[Stonehill Defender] x2
[Raid Leader] x2
[Unidentified Maul] x2 (Always the divine shield one, of course. OK, sometime the +1 attack.)
[Ironbeak Owl] x2 (Hoot. Hoot. Hoot hoot hoot hoot.)
[Divine Favor] x1
[Frostwolf Warlord] x1 (MVP! MVP!)
[Level Up] x2
[Fungalmancer] x2
[Leeroy Jenkins] x1
[Vinecleaver] x1
[Stormwind Champion] x1 (For STOOORMWIND!)
[Corridor Creeper] x2
[Baku the Mooneater] x1

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