Magic will be returning to Tarkir this July with the release of Core 2019.

This afternoon, Wizards of the Coast revealed that the story of Core 2019 will cover the beginning of the conflict between Ugin and Nicol Bolas and will take place, at least in part, on Tarkir. It will also feature Yasova Dragonclaw, the former Khan of the Temur Frontier, as well as the other non-Bolas Elder Dragons.

The Core 2019 story will be written by fantasy/sci-fi author Kate Elliott. This continues the outsourcing of the Magic story away from members of Magic’s creative team to outside authors that began with Dominaria, which was written by Martha Wells.

The first episode of the Core 2019 story will be published next Wednesday, June 13 on Core 2019 officially releases on July 13, 2018.


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