After two days of Limited and Modern in Bilbao, Spain, we finally have our Top 8 for Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan.

In first place is Pascal Vieren, who went undefeated (with four draws) with Lantern Control, and in second place is Luis Salvatto…also on Lantern Control. Joining them in the Top 8 are Ken Yukuhiro, on BR Hollow One; Gerry Thompson, on Mardu Pyromancer; Javier Dominguez, on 5-Color Humans; Reid Duke, on Abzan; Jean-Emmanuel Depraz, on Traverse Shadow; and Andrea Mengucci, on 5-Color Humans.

While the final round of the Pro Tour is typically full of drama, today’s Round 16 was unusually anxious. Luis Salvatto was paired down against teammate Lucas Esper Berthoud in a win-and-in for both players. In Game 1, Salvatto was about to lock Berthoud out of the game by using Whir of Invention to fetch Witchbane Orb, the last piece of the Lantern lock. But after looking through his deck, hand, graveyard, and exile zone multiple times, he realized that he had forgotten to de-sideboard and put the Witchbane Orb back in his deck. Salvatto was given a game loss and then had to win the next two games as well in order to make Top 8. Luckily for him, he quickly locked Berthoud out in Games 2 and 3, as well, lifting him to second place.

The Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Top 8 starts Sunday at 3am Eastern on


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