Yesterday, Randy Buehler announced that the Team Modern Super League, the next season of his popular Super League series, will begin on Tuesday, February 6th.

The Team Modern Super League will have eight teams of three, featuring a mix of Pro Tour mainstays, Hall of Famers, community favorites, and even members of Wizards of the Coast. The teams will compete in what Buehler calls a “conquerer” format. Each team will submit six different decks that share no more than two non-land cards and the opposing team will be able to ban any of those six decks, meaning it can’t be played for the entirety of the match. The first two players will choose one of their team’s remaining five decks and play a three-game match. The winner of that match will keep playing with their deck against another opponent until they lose, while the loser’s deck is eliminated and can no longer be played for the rest of the match. Once a team has won four matches they are declared the winner.

Week 1 of the Team Modern Super League starts on Tuesday, February 6th on The match will pit the International Alliance, made up of Raphael Levy, Lee Shi Tian, and Patrick Dickmann, against MNVA, featuring Meghan Wolff of Magic the Amatuering, Emma Handy, and Sam Ihlenfeldt.


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