On Today’s Minute: Rivals of Ixalan will feature another geocaching game, but this time it will impact how Ixalan’s story ends! Plus, Wizards still hasn’t made an official statement regarding Christine Sprankle’s departure from the Magic community.

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast announced that the run up to Rivals of Ixalan, which releases in January, would feature a geocaching game similar to the one that preceded the release of Ixalan. This time there will be 4,000 trackable items—1,000 for each of the four tribes of Ixalan: Dinosaurs, Merfolk, Vampires, and Pirates. You can sign up for the chance to get a trackable this week at geocaching.com.

The previous geocaching game for Ixalan promised card previews at certain “miles traveled” milestones. But for Rivals of Ixalan, Wizards is allowing the community to use the geocaching game to affect the outcome of the story. They will be tracking each tribe’s trackables and the tribe whose trackables travel the farthest will take over the lost city of Orazca.

In other news, Wizards of the Coast still hasn’t released an official statement about the departure of Christine Sprankle from the Magic community due to sustained targeted harassment. If you somehow missed the furor over Sprankle’s announcement, make sure to check out our reporting on yesterday’s episode.


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