This morning, Wizards of the Coast announced that the MTG Arena Closed Beta will officially begin on Monday, December 4th.

Over the past three weeks, Wizards has held three separate day-long MTG Arena events to collect bug reports and stress test the servers. According to today’s announcement, the stress tests were successful and now Wizards will take the next two weeks to implement user feedback and fix bugs in order to get ready for the official start of the MTG Arena Closed Beta on December 4th.

The MTG Arena Closed Beta will launch with only Constructed matches and Ixalan cards. More features, including cards from other Magic sets, will be announced in January.

Invites for the MTG Arena Closed Beta will begin going out in small waves on December 4th to players in the priority queue, who will again be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Players who are not in the priority queue will likely begin receiving invites in January. In previous statements, Wizards has said the NDA could be lifted in early 2018, which would allow players to begin streaming MTG Arena.


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Read Wizards’ article announcing that the MTG Arena Closed Beta will begin on 12/4 here.

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