William Huey Jensen dominated the 2017 World Championship, defeating Javier Dominguez in the finals. Plus, Team Musashi wins the Pro Tour Team Series, defeating Team Genesis.

After an incredible weekend of high-level Magic, William Huey Jensen defeated Javier Dominguez to become the 2017 Magic World Champion. Jensen only lost two matches in the Swiss to go 12-2 and finishing in first place. After cutting to Top 4, he defeated Kelvin Chew’s Blue Black control in the semifinals with his own Temur Energy deck, and then beat Javier Dominguez and his Ramunap Red deck in the finals to win the championship and $100,000. Jensen was elected to the Pro Tour Hall of Fame in 2013 and has been a dominant force in the Pro scene ever since.

In the finals of the Pro Tour Team Series, teams Genesis and Musashi faced off in a best-of-three Team Sealed event. Team Genesis, made up of Seth Manfield, Brad Nelson, Martin Dang, Thomas Hendriks, Lukas Blohon, and Martin Müller; and Team Musashi, with members Teruya Kakumae, Yuuya Watanabe, Kentaro Yamamoto, Yuuki Ichikawa, Ken Yukuhiro, and Shota Yasooka; split the first two 3 on 3 matches, forcing a deciding third match. Team Musashi was able to win two quick games in the third match and defeat Team Genesis to become the first Pro Tour Team Series champions and win $36,000.


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