On today’s Minute:¬†John Avon’s Kickstarter raised nearly $430,000 from over 7000 backers. Plus, the World Championship starts tomorrow!

John Avon’s Kickstarter ended its incredible run this morning after raising nearly $430,000 from 7,361 backers, blowing past the initial goal of about $8,000. All told, Avon will sign and ship over 13,000 playmats, featuring the art from his Unhinged lands, and 9,500 artist proofs. And, since the final stretch goals were achieved, each of the over 7000 backers will receive a set of double-sided prints featuring the art from the Unhinged lands on one side and the Unstable lands on the other.

In a thank you livestream this morning, Avon said that he would be giving away over 70% of his stock of artist proofs and signing his signature almost 25,000 times as a result of this Kickstarter. He also announced that, in response to the massive success of the Unhinged playmat Kickstarter, he will be holding another Kickstarter to fund the creation of playmats featuring the art from the upcoming Unstable lands.

Finally, World Championship coverage begins tomorrow at 9am eastern live from Boston’s Castle at Park Plaza. Tune in on twitch.tv/magic or follow along with us on Twitter @hotcblog.


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