Welcome to the Pro Tour Amonkhet Team Series preview countdown. If you haven’t caught up yet, make sure you check out this morning’s preview article and the previews of the bottom four teams in the standings as we prepare for the upcoming Pro Tour. Once you’re done, come back here and learn about the next four teams hoping to make a big splash in Nashville.

#28 Last Samurai

Going into Pro Tour Aether Revolt, Last Samurai had one of the most impressive resumes on the Team Series. After a disappointing performance that only netted them 19 points, all six members of the team have been invited to Pro Tour Amonkhet and I expect them to be looking to greatly improve their position in the standings.

Four Pro Tour Hall of Fame members. Two Platinum Pro Club members. How long before this team has their break out event and skyrockets up the standings? I doubt it will be much longer, and this tournament will provide a ripe new Standard format from which this team from Japan may find their inspiration.

#27 Ligamagic

This trans-Atlantic team will only be at half strength as three members will represent the group in Nashville. Pedro Carvalho, platinum pro and top finisher at Pro Tour Aether Revolt will lead the way. He’s joined by silver pro players Sebastian Pozzo and Marcos Paulo de Jesus Freitas.

At half strength it will be difficult to move up in the standings, but another strong finish by Carvalho, who is a three-time Grand Prix champion, will be necessary to keep Ligamagic in the running for the top of the Team Series.

#26 Cardhoarder

Cardhoarder, a well-known MTGO marketplace, will also be operating a half strength. Noah Walker, Robert Graves, and Joe Lossett will look to improve their rank, currently sitting at 20 pro points. Graves and Lossett were able to secure spots in Nashville off of strong performances at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. Walker is using his Silver Pro Club invite to attend.

With less than half as many points as the top teams it may be difficult to see Cardhoarder moving up the standings. Lossett is better known as a Legacy specialist but all three players have shown they can consistently perform at the PTQ/Grand Prix level. Can they make the jump to the next stage?

#25 Top Level

It’s hard to argue that no team underperformed based on expectations going into Pro Tour Aether Revolt more than Top Level. Let’s look at this roster, all of whom should be attending in Nashville this weekend:

  • Craig Wescoe – Gold Pro Player Club
  • Raphael Levy – Gold Pro Player Club, Pro Tour Hall of Fame
  • Patrick Chapin – Pro Tour Hall of Fame
  • Brian Braun-Duin – Platinum Pro Player Club
  • Mike Hron – Gold Pro Player Club
  • Dan Lanthier – Gold Pro Player Club

Oh, and that’s one defending world champion (Brian Braun-Duin) and the runner up from the previous year’s world championship (Patrick Chapin). That’s a lot of firepower and a 22-point finish at Pro Tour Aether Revolt was very much a disappointment. If you bet on any team to move up the standings after Pro Tour Amonkhet, bet on Top Level.

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