Welcome to the Pro Tour Amonkhet Team Series preview countdown. If you haven’t caught up yet, make sure you check out the previous articles and then come back here and learn about the next four teams hoping to make a big splash in Nashville!

#20 EUreka

First of all, Team EUreka gets a prize for clever naming. Well done folks. All six members of this (obviously) European-based squad secured invitations to Pro Tour Amonkhet and that’s not a surprise when four of your team members are Gold Pro Club members and your remaining members are in the Silver Pro Club.

Cleverness aside, Team EUreka has an uphill battle to climb as they sit at 23 points after Pro Tour Aether Revolt. They’ll pick up 18 for showing up but that surely won’t be good enough. They’ll count on their heavy guns, Patrick Dickmann and Steve Hatto and Valentin Mackl to build off of strong performances earlier in the year if they want to climb the ladder.

#19 Basic

None of the members of Team Basic were able to secure invitations to Pro Tour Amonkhet. Pete Ward and Craig Chapman put up respectable performances at Pro Tour Aether Revolt but they could not convert those finishes into another invitation, nor could any of the team members put up a top finish at a Grand Prix or RPTQ.

They’ll surely look to return for Pro Tour Hour of Devastation but they may fall too far in the standings by then.

#18 Tapas

Team Tapas will also be depleted in Nashville sending only Ryan Cubit and David Mines. Cubit finished 44th at Pro Tour Aether Revolt picking up 10 of the team’s 24 pro points and securing his ticket to Pro Tour Amonkhet. Mines secured his invite through the Silver Pro Club.

Cubit and Mines will have to both have strong performances to keep pace with the teams around them in the standings who will send all six members to the tournament let alone help their team climb the standings somewhat.

#17 Opportunity

Our final team for the bottom-half of the standings is also based out of Europe and will send its entire roster to Pro Tour Amonkhet. Opportunity features one Silver pro, four Gold pros, and Pro Tour Hall of Fame member Gabriel Nassif who stormed back into the spotlight by finishing 16th at Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

If Nassif can inspire his talented teammates to such lofty heights and see a few of them reach the top 64 then they could springboard into the top half of the standings by the end of the weekend with ease. Tomorrow morning we’ll start previewing the top half of the Team Series competitors including the best-named team in the entire competition.

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