Pro Tour weekends are like a quarterly Christmas for Magic: The Gathering fans, and Pro Tour Aether Revolt has been no exception. Hipsters has got you covered with video recaps of both drafts of Day two, all three rounds of limited, and all five rounds of Standard!

Coverage of the Pro Tour Aether Revolt Top 8 begins Sunday, 9am UTC/4am Eastern/1am Pacific. Follow along live on Twitter with @HotCblog or look for our Top 8 recap Sunday afternoon.

Draft 1: Cesar Segovia

Day 2 kicks off in strong fashion as newcomer Cesar Segovia leads the way at 9-0. Follow his draft and catch up on where Pro Tour Aether Revolt is to this point.

Draft 2: Lukas Blohon

No. 6 Lukas Blohon is poised near the top of the standings for Day 2 of Pro Tour Aether Revolt. Follow along as he drafts at the start of the second day, and see if he can make a run to the top.

Round 9 (Draft): Liu Yuchen vs. Cesar Segovia

The final two undefeated players, Liu Yuchen and Cesar Segovia, square off in the first round of Day 1 at Pro Tour Aether Revolt. The format is Aether Revolt Draft, the stakes are high, and the action is intense.

Round 10 (Draft): Jon Finkel vs. Gabriel Nassif

Two of the greatest players of all time clash in the 10th round of Pro Tour Aether Revolt. The format is Draft, but this is one of those matches that transcends all existence, so the format feels somewhat secondary.

Round 11 (Draft): Samuel Pardee vs. Jeremy Dezani

Samuel Pardee and Jeremy Dezani, who of the game’s best on two of the top teams, battle in the second round of the Day 2 draft. Pardee’s brought an aggressive red-green Draft deck to the, well, party, and Dezani is trying to slow things down with blue-black. Only one moves forward with a win.

Round 12 (Standard): Thierry Ramboa vs. Lukas Blohon

No. 6 Lukas Blohon starts off the Day 2 Standard rounds with his Jeskai Control deck against Thierry Ramboa and Black-Green Constrictor, one of the most powerful choices at Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

Round 13 (Standard): Alexander Hayne vs. Ken Yukuhiro

We’re nearing the home stretch, and Alexander Hayne and Ken Yukuhiro can’t afford any hiccups if they’re going to make the Top 8. It’s the premier deck matchup of the tournament as Hayne battles Mardu Vehicles against Yukuhiro’s Black-Green Constrictor.

Round 14 (Standard): Samuel Tharmaratnam vs. Lucas Esper Berthoud

It’s battle of really long names, as Samuel Tharmaratnam and Lucas Esper Berthoud battle for position with the Top 8 still in sight in Round 14 (of 16) at Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

Round 15 (Standard): Craig Chapman vs. Jeremy Dezani

It’s elimination time for one of these players as local hero Craig Chapman and not-so-local-but-still-a-hero Jeremy Dezani are on the precipice of the Top 8. Both need a bit of help and can’t afford a misstep…and one of them will misstep this round.

Round 16 (Standard): Lucas Esper Berthoud vs Dimitrius Triantafillou

Watch as four players battle for two spots in the Top 8. First, Lucas Esper Berthoud and Dimitrius Triantafillou clash for anywhere from 1st seed to out of the Top 8. Next, Ben Rubin and Paul Vitor Damo da Rosa, both not strangers to the Top 8, clash with hopes of maybe–maybe–squeaking into the final spot.

All round descriptions are courtesy of Magic’s Twitch channel.

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