Hope Eternal

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

This week Kate warns about the importance of monitoring our community.

Pro Tour Blues

This week Kate discusses the lack of diversity on the newly announced Pro Tour teams.

Fatal Push into Legacy

This week Kate takes a brief look at a the new hotness in Legacy, Fatal Push.

Legacy for All

This week Kate talks about how to make Legacy accessible for yourself.


Kate has a great idea to bring more players to Legacy: stop treating women like the enemy.

End of Year Thoughts

This week Kate wraps up the year with a short piece about how this year treated Legacy

Death and Taxes

This week Kate continues her deck reviews with Death and Taxes.

Miracles and You

This week Kate tells you how to play against her least favorite deck, Miracles.

Griselbrand or Bust

This week Kate reviews an old Legacy favorite starring Griselbrand!

A Dark Time Indeed

This week Kate discusses her concerns with the recent Presidential election outcome and what that means for us as a community.


This week Kate discusses the blurred lines between Magic businesses and their voices in the community.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

This week Kate discusses unsportsmanlike conduct and a pretty poor representation of how a pro-player should present themselves.