Hope Eternal

It Isn’t Over and They Haven’t Stopped

Kate reflects on the bans handed down by Wizards of the Coast for harassment, and calls for everyone to remain vigilant in the fight against harassment and bullying in Magic.

Nic Fit Updated

Kate updates her Legacy Nic Fit list.

Please Stop

Kate responds to the latest targeted harassment of women in Magic, sharing her brutal experiences.

Nic Fit Nightmares

Kate returns from Eternal Weekend ready to talk about Nic Fit a.k.a. The Rock a.k.a. Green-Black a.k.a. that one weird Veteran Explorer deck.

A New Logo to a New Brand

Kate reviews the new Magic: the Gathering logo, and what it means from a marketing perspective.

Popeye Stompy

Kate reports on the rumored Pirate invasion in Legacy.

Iconic Masters Excitement

Kate reviews Iconic Masters for Legacy.

MTG Arena—Wizards Got it Right

Kate reviews the Alpha demo of MTG Arena and shares what she learned about its development at HasCon.

Tron Update

This week Kate is back and playing Modern with a fun mono-green Tron deck!


Kate ponders whether the Magic secondary market needs to be regulated.

Early Post-Ban Reflections

Kate reflects on changes to the Legacy format since the ban.

Not a Miracle

This week Kate discusses her feelings on the Top ban and how she thinks it will impact Legacy and the Miracles deck.