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52 in 52

The Shattered Alliance

This week we review The Shattered Alliance which tells the final tale of Jodah and Jaya Ballard as they pick up the pieces of Terisiare after Freyalise ended the Ice Age.

Spoiler Season

Spoiler Season!—Eldritch Moon

Eldritch Moon spoiler season continues, with more reactions from the Hipsters team.

What We Learned

Top Five Reserved List Cards to Color Shift

Rich looks at color-shifted reprints from the Reserve List and gives his Top Five for the future.

52 in 52

The Secrets of Magic

This week Rich reviews the story collection Secrets of Magic!

What We Learned

Surprise, It’s Emrakul!

Rich reacts to the revelation that Emrakul is invading Innistrad.

52 in 52

The Dragons of Magic

This week we read The Dragons of Magic, an anthology of a dozen short stories set on Dominaria and featuring, well you can probably guess the featured creature type in each story.

What We Learned

Nahiri vs. Sorin

Rich reviews the history between Nahiri and Sorin as we begin the previews for Eldritch Moon!

52 in 52

The Monsters of Magic

This week Rich reviews the Magic story anthology, Monsters of Magic.

What We Learned

2016 Bold Predictions Revisited

Rich checks in on his predictions for Magic in 2016.

52 in 52

The Myths of Magic

This week we continue our weekly book review series as Rich picks back up with the Magic Anthology series with The Myths of Magic

What We Learned

All Apologies

Rich shakes his head at the latest clueless marketing decision depicting violence against women.

52 in 52

The Purifying Fire

This week we review The Purifying Fire, which one might consider a very early prequel of sorts to Oath of the Gatewatch as it features Chandra as the hero and a supporting cast that includes Gideon and Jace.