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What We Learned

A History of Technology in the Multiverse

On the eve of the Inventors’ Fair on Kaladesh we look back on the marvels of technology from the rest of the multiverse.

52 in 52


This week we finish reading the story of Odyssey block with the epic conclusion in Judgment!

Standard Deviation

A Look at Hearthstone’s Recipe Decks

One of my favorite things to do in Hearthstone is play the different recipe decks that Blizzard has designed. Yes, […]

Breaking News

Wizards Announces New Masterpiece Series Beginning With Kaladesh Inventions

Wizards announced the new Masterpiece Series which will bring new and exciting non-Standard reprints to all Standard-legal expansions!

What We Learned

Happy Birthday, Hipsters of the Coast!

Chief Hipster Rich wishes our site a happy fourth birthday!

52 in 52

Chainer’s Torment

This week we learn all about the Cabal and the Mirari as Rich reviews the next chapter of the 52 in 52 Magic story: Chainer’s Torment

Standard Deviation

Hearthstone Standard Metagame Analysis Analysis

Now that the first post-Karazhan Standard season is underway, Rich takes a look at how we figure out the new metagame.

What We Learned

Bold Predictions from Amonkhet Announcement Day

This week we take a look at Amonkhet announcement day and what the spring and summer of 2017 have in store for us.

52 in 52


Rich reviews a set of stories with many favorite legends: Odyssey is the next of 52 in 52.

Standard Deviation

Looking at Tempo Storm’s Post-Menagerie Standard Snapshot

Rich gives a casual player’s look at Karazhan’s third wing: The Menagerie, including some deck ideas to get through the bosses with only Basic cards.

What We Learned

Where I Went Wrong (Not Just Another Clickbait Trash Article)

This week Rich reflects on the broad spectrum of community reactions to last week’s column on the challenges that Wizards faces with gender and minority representation.

52 in 52


Welcome to our 2016 52 in 52 series. This year I will be reading 52 Magic: the Gathering novels spanning […]