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Trading Post

Power in Trading

This article is going to focus on the basic concept of how “power” works in trading.

Trading Post

Trade Binder Systems

This week Colin takes a look at the different ways to organize your binder including how many binders to have and where to put your cards.

Trading Post

Sacrifice a Creature and Raise Dead an Artifact

Colin continues his tale of how he learned the trading trade with the story of how he met The Ogre.

Trading Post

Discard a Card and Gain Four Life

Colin talks about his roots as a Magic player, getting into speculation, and the evolution of MTG Finance.

Card Kingdom

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Trading Post

Dawn at the Trading Post

Colin Bevis debuts his new column on Magic finance and trading with a bold statement: I will tell you everything.

What We Learned

Cashing Out in Atlantic City

This week I talk about the long process and emotional ride of cashing out my Magic collection

What We Learned

From the Vault: Angels

Wizards recently announced From the Vault: Angels and we talk about what to expect from the 15-card box set this fall.

What We Learned

Bitterblossom (and Wild Nacatl)

Bitterblossom is unbanned. What does that mean for you?