Draftasaurus Rex

Once You Paup’ the Fun Don’t Staup!

Hugh Kramer dives into the shallow end of the Hipsters’ Standard Pauper tournament with his Mono-Blue Delver of Secrets deck.

UG Ramp in Theros Limited

Hugh Kramer forces UG Ramp in Theros Limited and shows what he drafted to get there!

Five Bold Predictions for Theros Limited

Hugh Kramer, Limited master, takes what he learned from Prerelease weekend and translates it into some serious Nostradamus-type shit.

Modern Master Blaster

Hugh Kramer proclaims MMA his favorite all-time draft format and then, spoiler alert, crushes a 64 person event with a sweet deck. Warning: there are puns.

Card Kingdom

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Hugh’s PTQs (One of Ten)

My goal for this Limited PTQ season is to attend a minimum of ten PTQs. Here goes!

M14 Limited

Drafting is about commons—a format where commons are your bread and butter and commons are king.