Beck Holden



Scry Five

Spoilers and Clues to Amonkhet’s Story

Will the gods turn on Bolas? Will Djeru become our next new planeswalker? Beck recaps some Amonkhet story developments and speculates about what’s still to come.

Scry Five

A First Glimpse of Amonkhet

Like a Gravedigger harvesting a corpse, Beck is mining the early spoilers, searching for hints about what’s waiting for us on Amonkhet!

Scry Five

Five Story and Flavor Predictions for Amonkhet

Will Liliana kill one of her demonic masters? Are we getting new gods? Beck is back with more Amonkhet predictions!

Scry Five

Five Planeswalkers for Amonkhet

Beck Holden looks at some planeswalkers we may see in Amonkhet.