A new week means players are getting a new Midweek Magic this Tuesday, letting players jump right into a free Limited event. This time around, players can participate in a March of the Machine Phantom Sealed event and compete against other players to earn rewards.

With your Sealed deck, you’ll have the opportunity to collect up to three prizes over the course of the event. The first two prizes are Rare Individual Card Rewards, which can be any random rare or mythic rare card available in Arena. The final prize you can earn is a random Mystery Cosmetic pack, which contains a cosmetic item rather than a card. More often than not, your pack will contain a random card style, but if you’re lucky you can open rarer items like avatars or even pets.

Midweek Magic: March of the Machine Phantom Sealed is free to join and you can participate on either the Magic: The Gathering Arena app or the game client. These types of events start every Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT and run for 48 hours, until Thursday at 2 p.m. PT.

MOM Phantom Sealed Rules

There’s nothing too special about this Midweek Magic, there’s no fancy emblem to get wacky effects from or specific cards to build around. Since it is a straightforward Sealed event, you will open six 15-card packs and build a deck from their contents.

Your deck must meet the 40-card minimum and you can use any cards you open from your packs in your deck. You are not limited to the number of any single card you open like in traditional deck building, so if you open five copies of Knight of the New Coalition, you can play all five of them.

There are a few archetypes to keep in mind while building your Limited deck. You absolutely do not have to build your deck to match these archetypes, but they can help guide your deck in a direction if you’re unsure where to start.

  • White/Blue Knights
  • Blue/Black Graveyard
  • Black/Red Sacrifice
  • Red/Green Battles
  • Green/White +1/+1 Counters
  • White/Black Phyrexians
  • Blue/Red Convoke
  • Black/Green Incubation
  • Red/White Backup
  • Green/Blue Transformation

You can even mix and match a few archetypes to strengthen your deck, combining backup and knight mechanics to create a Jeskai deck with powerful knights and backup mechanics. Another good pairing is Naya Battles and +1/+1 counters, with battles granting powerful enter the battlefield effects and a few of them synergizing well with your +1/+1 counters

Since it is a phantom event you won’t get to keep the cards you open from your six packs and they won’t be added to your collection at the end of the event. The rewards you earn are of course yours so play your hardest to earn them!


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