Midweek Magic is back with a fun free event to showcase your favorite common cards in the Historic Pauper event. This week, players will have to build a deck only using cards of the common rarity and basic lands, and that’s it! With such low requirements to enter, Historic Pauper is a great way for players of all experience levels to jump right in and get playing.

Earning three wins during this event brings in a bunch of prizes, two of which are Rare Individual Card Rewards, which can be either a copy of any rare or a mythic card in Magic: The Gathering Arena. The final reward is a Mystery Cosmetic item, which can be anything from a new card style, which is the most common drop from these packs to much rarer rewards in the form of avatars or pets.

Midweek Magic: Historic Pauper starts this Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT and will be available until Thursday at 2 p.m. PT. Signing up is simple and free, all you have to do is log in to the Magic: The Gathering Arena app or game client and jump into the event.

Historic Pauper Rules

Building a deck for Historic Pauper is pretty straightforward, you’ll have access to all common cards on Arena from every set supported by the game. From those common cards, you must build a deck of at least 60 cards. Your deck may include a sideboard but since the matches are best-of-one there’s not much of a need.

There are several archetypes that are very powerful in Historic Pauper, among them being mill, aggro, control, and all sorts of midrange decks to pick from. One of the easiest types of decks to just pick up and jam games with is burn, an archetype that relies on powerful but cheap creatures and spells that deal damage directly to your opponent.

Historic Mono-Red Burn

Creatures (16)
Festival Crasher
Dwarven Forge-Chanter
Kessig Flamebreather
Kiln Fiend

Spells (24)
Lightning Strike
Whirling Strike
Ancestral Anger
Crash Through
Reckless Impulse
Lands (20)
20 Mountain

There are plenty of other great spells to include in this deck so feel free to swap in your favorite commons!

Banned Cards

There aren’t many banned cards for this event, but the one big one players need to be aware of is Persistent Petitioners, a card that allows you to mill your opponent of twelve cards by tapping four cards named Persistent Petitioners and that allows you to have as many copies as you want in a deck.


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