Every week Magic: The Gathering Arena rolls out a free tournament for players to enjoy called Midweek Magic. These events feature fun formats that offer a new twist on traditional Magic rules. A popular Midweek Magic format is Momir, a special mode that celebrates the randomness of the game while utilizing every single creature on Magic Arena.

This free event gives players a chance to earn some fun rewards for every win they achieve. The first two wins players rack up rewards them with two Rare Individual Card Reward (ICR), with the third win earning a random Mystery Cosmetic. Players can get anything from a new card sleeve, special card styles, and if they’re lucky, a new avatar or pet. The most common reward from the Mystery Cosmetic is a new card style, but the odds may work in your favor.

Momir, like all Midweek Magic events, starts every Tuesday at 8 a.m. PT and lasts for 48 hours, wrapping up on Thursday at 8 a.m. PT. These two days give you plenty of time to earn your wins and claim your rewards.

Momir Rules

Momir is a very different game mode from what players might come to expect from Magic: The Gathering Arena. You do not get to build a deck or bring one in from your collection, you are given a deck of lands that you can use with a special Emblem each player gets at the start of the game.

By activating the emblem, players can pay any amount of mana and discard a card to create a token that is a copy of a random creature card with a mana value of the mana you spent. You can only activate this ability during your turn at sorcery speed and only once each turn.

Since Momir requires careful balancing of the cards in your hand and lands in play, players need to carefully consider their actions. Generally speaking, six lands is one of the first milestones players should try to get to in order to have the biggest impact on the game. However, there is a chance to hit Demonlord Belzenlok off Momir which will automatically cause you to lose the game.

Reaching seven lands gives players the chance to make a copy of game-winning creatures like Platinum Angel or Koma, Cosmos Serpent. There are of course extremely powerful creatures past seven mana but don’t always have the best returns.

Don’t forget that if you happen to hit a creature that can add mana it will help accelerate you past your opponent and hit your bigger creatures without having to play more lands.

Another important tip to keep in mind is to try and play multiples of each basic land in case you happen to get a creature with activated abilities that require specific mana costs.

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