It’s a new week on Magic: The Gathering Arena so that means there’s a new Midweek Magic event for players to participate in! This time around, players have the opportunity to take their Artisan decks and compete for a chance to win some fun digital prizes.

Like all Midweek Magic events, players compete for the chance to earn rewards in the form of two Rare Individual Card Rewards (ICR), and a random Mystery Cosmetic. Players can open up anything from special card styles to avatars and pets in the Mystery Cosmetic pack. Most of the time the Mystery Cosmetic will be a card style it doesn’t mean that you can’t get something better if you’re lucky!

If you’re looking to earn some free rewards, Arena’s Midweek Magic events take place every Tuesday at 8 a.m. PT and will remain open for 48 hours, lasting until 8 a.m. PT. Two days is a short time but Artisan games tend to go quickly, giving you plenty of time to get all three wins in.

With Midweek Magic events, you are not locked into just one deck for the course of the event. If you don’t like the deck you’re currently running you can always put together another and play with your new deck instead. This flexible ruling makes Midweek Magic events a great place to test new decks or fine-tune your older ones.

Artisan Rules

Artisan is a unique format that restricts the rarity of cards in your deck. You will have access to all common and uncommon cards in Standard to build a deck with. Cards of rare and mythic rarity are not allowed. Aside from that, all the regular Standard format deck construction rules apply, including a minimum of 60 cards in your main deck and no more than four copies of any card other than basic lands.

It is important to keep in mind that the only rarity that matters is the rarity on Arena. If a card has been printed at other rarities in paper but only rare or mythic on Arena, it will not be legal for Artisan events. This rule is only relevant to Historic Artisan at the moment but, as more sets are released on Arena, it may apply to Standard Artisan at some point as well.

The nice thing about Artisan is that most decks are easy to build and don’t require much in the way of crafting with Wildcards since all the cards are either common or uncommon. Because of this, Artisan is a great way for new players to not only play with fun and powerful decks on a more even playing field, but also extremely accessible given the low cost of deck construction.

Banned Cards

While not technically “banned,” cards of rare and mythic rarities cannot be used in your deck construction. Other than that, you are free to brew your decks with any Standard-legal cards on Arena.

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