After a drop-less March, the Secret Lair Drop Series is back with “Dr. Lair’s Secretorium Superdrop.” The superdrop is made up of four individual drops: shock lands, full-text lands, new cards in the Mystical Archive frame, and psychedelic concern posters. All four will be available from April 26 at 12 PM Eastern through May 28 for $39.99 (foil) and $29.99 (non-foil) each, with four bundle options.

Culture Shocks

The “Culture Shocks” drop is really five drops in one. The drops feature all 10 shock lands—the dual lands that debuted in the Ravnica: City of Guilds in 2005 that come into play tapped unless you pay two life—but divided into five drops in groups based on the three colors of each shard from 2008’s Shards of Alara. Those shards are Bant (White, Blue, Green), Esper (White, Blue, Black), Grixis (Blue, Black, Red), Jund (Black, Red, Green), and Naya (White, Red, Green).

The shock lands in “Culture Shocks” have brand new art, with each set on a different plane. Breeding Pool is set on New Phyrexia, Hallowed Fountain on Kylem, Temple Garden on Theros, Godless Shrine on Amonkhet, Watery Grave on Ixalan, Blood Crypt on Innistrad, Steam Vents on Dominaria, Overgrown Tomb on Fiora, Stomping Ground on Tarkir, and Sacred Foundry on Kaladesh.

Each drop will cost $29.99 and they will only be available as non-foil.

Breeding Pool by Aleksi Briclot

Hallowed Fountain by Ruxing Gao

Temple Garden by Tyler Jacobson

Godless Shrine by Alayna Danner

Watery Grave by Victor Adame Minguez

Blood Crypt by Seb Mckinnon

Steam Vents by John Avon

Overgrown Tomb by Adam Paquette

Sacred Foundry by Magali Villenueve

Here are the five drops that those 10 cards are organized into.

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There will also be a bundle that features all five drops for $119.99. But keep in mind that the bundle will include 15 lands—two each of the allied shock lands (Hallowed Fountain, Temple Garden, Watery Grave, Blood Crypt, and Stomping Ground) and one each of the enemy shock lands (Breeding Pool, Godless Shrine, Steam Vents, Overgrown Tomb, and Sacred Foundry).

Showcase: Strixhaven

The second drop of the superdrop, “Showcase: Strixhaven,” adds six new cards to the Mystical Archive from Strixhaven: All is Dust, Artifact Mutation, Drown in the Loch, Fire Covenant, Fractured Identity, and Fracturing Gust.

The Mystical Archive originally included 63 instants and sorceries from Magic’s history set in a unique showcase frame. While those cards appear in Strixhaven boosters and have Japanese alternate art versions, these six additions will only be available in this Secret Lair drop for $39.99 (foil) and $29.99 (non-foil).

All is Dust by Dominik Mayer

Artifact Mutation by Dominik Mayer

Drown in the Loch by Anato Finnstark

Fire Covenant by Rovina Cai

Fractured Identity by Justin and Alexis Hernandez

Fracturing Gust by Mintu Hynninen

Full-Text Lands

I don’t have much to add about these cards—their nearly 200-word text boxes speak for themselves—but the “Full-Text Lands” drop is easily the most controversial Secret Lair drop since last year’s The Walking Dead drop.

Each drop will include five full-text lands for $39.99 (foil) and $29.99 (non-foil). They will also be available in a bundle that include 10 of each land, 50 in total, for $319.99 (foil) and $239.99 (non-foil).

Our Show Is On Friday, Can You Make It?

The final drop in “Dr. Lair’s Secretorium Superdrop” is “Our Show Is On Friday, Can You Make It?” This drop echoes last year’s all-removal drop that featured heavy metal-inspired concert posters, but swaps out heavy metal for a more psychedelic vibe. The featured cards in the drop are Decree of Pain, Gamble, Nature’s Lore, Preordain, and Wrath of God.

Decree of Pain by Ian Jepson

Gamble by Sam McKenzie

Nature’s Lore by Jeff Soto

Preordain by Alexis Ziritt

Wrath of God by Jermaine Rogers

“Our Show Is On Friday, Can You Make It?” will only be available in non-foil for $29.99.


As mentioned above, both the “Culture Shocks” and “Full-Text Lands” drops will also be available in their own bundles.

There will also be a “Main Event” bundle that includes one of each of all 10 drops—all five “Culture Shocks,” foil and non-foil “Showcase: Strixhaven,” foil and non-foil “All-Text Lands,” and “Our Show Is On Friday, Can You Make It?”. The “Main Event” bundle will cost $259.99.

Arcbound Ravager

Oh, one more thing! If you sign in to the Secret Lair Store with your Wizards account to make a purchase, you will have a chance to receive an Arcbound Ravager promo included in your order. This is only valid on your first purchase and only available for people in North America, excluding Quebec.

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