Tonight, ChannelFireball announced that Season 2 of their MagicFest Online initiative will begin on Saturday, April 11 and run through Sunday, May 3.

MagicFest Online’s second season will have a similar structure to its first: weekly qualifiers for two Weekend Championships (April 18-19 and May 2-3) which then qualify top players for the Season Finals (May 9-10). There will also be last chance qualifiers for the Season Finals on the weekdays after the second Weekend Championship.

Season 2 schedule

Though the first qualifiers begin on April 11, there will be a five-day break from April 15-19 for the release of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. You can sign up for the qualifiers on ChannelFireball Events’ website.

MagicFest Online is ChannelFireball and Wizards of the Coast’s response to the continuing effects of COVID-19. ChannelFireball has cancelled all of its in-person MagicFests until July and Wizards of the Coast cancelled Players Tour Finals Houston and Mythic Invitational Ikoria, as well as Players Tour Series 2 and the Magic Pro League’s 2020 Season. With no premiere in-person events until at least July, MagicFest Online and Magic Online PTQs will be the main avenues to qualify for the next Players Tour…whenever that might be.

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