ChannelFireball cancelled five additional MagicFests this evening in Toronto, Prague, Seattle, Valencia, and Providence. That brings the total number of 2020 MagicFests to 10 after the previous cancellations in Turin, Detroit, Sao Paolo, Louisville, and Palm Beach.

Unfortunately, given the continued global health situation, and updated guidance from government and public health officials,” ChannelFireball said, the MagicFests Toronto, Prague, Seattle, Valencia, and Providence “are cancelled.”

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will provide an update on the July MagicFests (Minneapolis, Liverpool, and San Jose) in early May,” they said. “We share your disappointment over these cancellations but remain committed to supporting the MTG community’s desire to stay connected during this time.” To that end, ChannelFireball will be announcing plans for Season 2 of MagicFest Online soon.

Today’s MagicFest cancellations were accompanied by Wizards of the Coast’s announcement cancelling Players Tour Series 2 and ending the Magic Pro League’s 2020 Season. Star City Games has similarly cancelled its SCG Tour events until mid-May and will likely follow suit by cancelling its major June events, which include SCG Con and the Season 1 Invitational.

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