The first regional Players Tour of Series 1 kicked off today in Brussels, Belgium and is the first major tournament to showcase the new Pioneer format. After months of significant bans, Mono-Black Aggro and UB Inverter of Truth rose to the top of Magic’s newest format.

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Despite that fact that Mono-Black and UB Inverter of Truth were the clear favorites in Brussels—at 13.8% and 12.2% of the field of 384 players, respectively—the entire Pioneer metagame at the event proved to very diverse. The next seven most-played archetypes all made up more than 3% of the field: Azorius Control at 9.6%, Niv to Light at 9.1%, Azorius Spirits at 6.0%, Izzet Ensoul at 5.5%, Mono-White Devotion (Heliod Combo) at 3.6%, Simic Ramp at 3.6%, and Mono-Red Aggro at 3.1%. Though you’d get a more accurate representation of Mono-Red’s popularity if you combine Mono-Red Aggro with Big Red (2.9%).

The Top 10 Pioneer archetypes at Players Tour Brussels.

Note: The exact number of copies of each card in the sideboards will not be known until later in the weekend.

Mono-Black Aggro

Mono-Black was the most popular deck heading into Players Tour Series 1 and it retained its spot atop the metagame in Brussels. The deck leverages two of the best one-mana spells in Pioneer, Thoughtseize and Fatal Push, to clear the way for its hordes of cheap, aggressive creatures, topping out at Rankle, Master of Pranks.

Pioneer Mono-Black Aggro by Marcio Carvalho

Creatures (25)
Bloodsoaked Champion
Dread Wanderer
Knight of the Ebon Legion
Murderous Rider
Rankle, Master of Pranks
Scrapheap Scrounger
Spawn of Mayhem

Spells (11)
Drag to the Underworld
Fatal Push
Grasp of Darkness
Lands (24)
Castle Locthwain
15 Swamp
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Sideboard (7)
Aethersphere Harvester
Agonizing Remorse
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
Legion’s End
Lost Legacy
Noxious Grasp
Self-Inflicted Wound

UB Inverter of Truth

UB Inverter of Truth was late entrant to the Pioneer metagame thanks to the printing of Thassa’s Oracle in Theros Beyond Death—which released exactly one week ago.

The deck is based on a two-card “win the game” combo, earning it the “Dimir Twin” nickname. Its goal is to exile its entire library with Inverter of Truth and then play Thassa’s Oracle to win the game. It’s a powerful combo and the deck packs enough Blue and Black disruption and card draw to make sure that it can put it all together very consistently.

Pioneer UB Inverter of Truth by Kai Budde

Creatures (7)
Inverter of Truth
Thassa’s Oracle

Planeswalkers (3)
Jace, Wielder of Mysteries

Spells (25)
Coax from the Blind Eternities
Thought Erasure
Dig Through Time
Drown in the Loch
Fatal Push
Mystical Dispute
Tyrant’s Scorn
Lands (25)
Choked Estuary
Drowned Catacomb
Fabled Passage
Fetid Pools
Watery Grave

Sideboard (9)
Inverter of Truth
Mystical Dispute
Tyrant’s Scorn
Cast Down
Cry of the Carnarium
Legion’s End
Noxious Grasp
Thief of Sanity

PVDDR and Raphael Levy Lead the MPL at Day 1 of PT Brussels

Day 1 standings at PT Brussels.

Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (playing Niv to Light) and Raphael Levy (UW Spirits) led the Magic Pro League after Day 1 at Players Tour Brussels at 7-1. Thoralf Severin (Niv to Light) led the Magic RIvals League at 6-1-1, while Last Chance Qualifier winners Jeff Jao (Mono-Red Aggro) and Elad Stettner (UW Control) also ended the day at 6-1-1.

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