Today, Star City Games announced that it would no longer run Legacy events as a part of its SCG Tour tournament circuit.

“Wizards of the Coast’s recent introduction of a new non-rotating constructed format made it clear that it was time for our tournament series to evolve once again,” Star City Games President Pete Hoefling wrote. “Starting in 2020, the Legacy format will no longer be utilized as part of the SCG Tour, and we will instead spotlight the format at select special events such as one or both of our SCG CON Magic: The Gathering Conventions.”

In Legacy’s place, Star City Games will begin to feature Magic: the Gathering’s newest format, Pioneer.

“[T]he Pioneer format will be incorporated into the 2020 SCG Tour, in a variety of ways,” Hoefling continued, including Individual Opens, Team Constructed Opens [replacing Legacy], SCG Classics, Invitational Qualifiers, and Open Trials. “We may also potentially utilize the Pioneer format for future Regional Championships, Invitationals, and Players’ Championship, but the formats of those 2020 events will be announced as they are confirmed.”

As part of the announcement, Hoefling also revealed the format for the SCG Opens through the first quarter of 2020, which will include a lot of Modern and Pioneer events.

The formats for the first quarter of SCG Opens.

Star City Games’ elimination of Legacy from the SCG Tour comes a little over a week after they announced that they would be replacing Standard with Pioneer at the upcoming Season 2 Invitational.

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