In today’s State of the Game, Wizards of the Coast revealed that they will “begin adding ‘remastered’ versions of older sets” to Magic: the Gathering Arena later next year with the intent of eventually supporting the new Pioneer format.

To make these remastered versions of older sets, Wizards said that they “will be looking at multiple sets and condensing them into a single larger set that only includes the most relevant cards, and adding that to [MTG Arena]. This will allow us to focus on what made these sets fun and exciting for players while delivering on the content much more quickly.”

The addition of these remastered sets “will eventually lead to additional format support beyond Standard and Historic,” Wizards continued. “Pioneer is one of the formats that we’re working towards, but it’ll be a longer journey before we can talk specifics.”

Pioneer is Magic’s newest constructed format and includes cards from Return to Ravnica forward. Since its announcement last month, players have been clamoring for Wizards to add the sets from Pioneer to MTG Arena. But Wizards has said that MTG Arena is “Standard-focused” at the expense of other game modes, potentially making today’s announcement a large shift in the game’s direction.

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