Wizards of the Coast has announced Commander Collection: Green, which will contain eight reprints of classic Green Commander staples with brand new artwork and release in Fall 2020.

UPDATE: All eight cards have been revealed!

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Commander Collection: Green will be exclusive to WPN stores and is the latest in Wizards’ line of local game store-only products. Previous products in the line have included the From the Vault series and more recently the Signature Spellbook series. There will be two versions of the product, with WPN stores receiving a standard non-foil version, and WPN Premium stores receiving a premium edition featuring all eight cards in foil.

According to Wizards, the new artwork will feature nods to previous Legendary creatures and other story relevant themes.

New artwork from Commander Collection: Green

For example, one artwork shared so far reveals Yisan, the Wanderer Bard casting an as yet unannounced spell. What could it be?

Wizards also teased another piece of art from Commander Collection: Green, saying that it was a Kamigawa creature that wasn’t originally from the plane, with a shape that is a nod to the headpiece of Azusa, Lost but Seeking.

Art for an unknown creature in Commander Collection: Green.

Commander Collection: Green will come to WPN stores in Q3-Q4 next year. The product expansion code has been revealed as CC1, which bodes well for future products to expand the line, likely covering the other four colors of Magic. It is unconfirmed whether this means the Signature Spellbook series has been put on hold, but with the current prolific rate of releases, we wouldn’t be surprised to see that series continue alongside the new Commander Collection line.

Check out the announced contents of Commander Collection: Green below:

The contents of Commander Collection: Green.

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