Today, Wizards of the Coast announced that Mythic Championship VII will take place at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA from December 6-8, 2019.

Mythic Championship VII Long Beach will be the final Mythic Championship of 2019 and the third Mythic Championship played on MTG Arena, following Mythic Championship III in June and Mythic Championship VI in October, the latter of which will also take place at Thunder Studios.

Thunder Studios Esports Center

68 players will be invited to Mythic Championship VII: the 32 members of the Magic Pro League, the Top 16 players from the MTG Arena Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend on October 26-27, 16 players who will receive discretionary invites, and the Top 4 finishers at the previous MTG Arena Mythic Championship.

The format will be Best-of-Three Standard Constructed with seven rounds of modified swiss for Day 1, where the Top 24 players will advance to Day 2 and those that get five wins will automatically advance without having to play additional rounds. The Magic Pro League division winners will join those 24 players in Day 2 and play another seven rounds of modified swiss, with players who reach five wins automatically advancing to the Top 8 and the rest of the Top 8 being filled via tiebreakers.

The Top 8 of Mythic Championship VII Long Beach will be a double-elimination bracket, which means that the winners of the upper and lower brackets will face off in the Grand Final. The winner of the upper bracket will only have to win one match to raise the trophy, while the winner of the lower bracket will have to win two consecutive matches to take down the tournament.

Like the previous MTG Arena Mythic Championships, Mythic Championship VII will award $100k to the winner, $50k to second place, $30k and $20k to third and fourth places, all the way down to $7,500 for everyone who didn’t advance out of Day 1.

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