Wizards of the Coast has revealed that Chandra Nalaar will be the face of the upcoming Core Set 2020 expansion and previewed three of the four new Chandra Planeswalker cards that are tied the set.

Chandra’s Newest Cards Show Her Growth as a Pyromancer

“Since she is the star of the Core Set 2020 card set, we wanted to do something special and create alternative representations of our favorite fire mage,” Magic’s Art Director Taylor Ingvarsson said. (Chandra also appeared in the promo image from Netflix’s upcoming animated series based on Magic: the Gathering.)

“This all kicked off when Jenna Helland came up with the fun idea to explore some alternate looks for Chandra that illustrate her journey as she matured into the Planeswalker that we know and love today,” Ingvarsson continued. “Since there were four different Chandra Planeswalker cards tied to Core Set 2020, this gave us the opportunity to showcase different aspects of this interesting, nuanced character. We could have shown her jumping, leaping, and blasting things with fire in all of them, but Jenna’s idea was such an elegant visual solution that added more variety to this product so we were excited to jump on the opportunity.”

The Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic versions of Chandra show her growing into the powerful pyromancer she is today.

Each of the three cards previewed today show Chandra’s growth from a young acolyte to the powerful pyromancer she is today, both through each card’s art and abilities. Chandra, Acolyte of Flame shows Chandra as a student of the Regathan pyromancers on her Regatha. For Chandra, Novice Pyromancer, “we wanted her to have a little more edge to her as she sets out to find herself on Ravnica.” Finally, Chandra, Awakened Inferno shows Chandra as the calm, confident, powerful pyromancer she is today, “fully in control of a very dangerous and almost wild amount of fire swirling around her.”

According the Ingvarsson, there is a fourth version of a Chandra as well, which io9 says is another Mythic and will be available as a preorder bonus. This means the fourth Chandra will likely be a Buy-a-Box promo.

The New Chandras are the Only Uncommon and Rare Planeswalkers in Core Set 2020

Core Set 2020 follows the release of War of the Spark, which featured a staggering 36 Planeswalkers. After a set such a high number of Planeswalkers, many players are feeling a sense of Planeswalker fatigue and weren’t pleased with seeing a new Uncommon Planeswalker.

After seeing the negative reactions, Wizards clarified that the Chandra cards previewed today will be the only Uncommon and Rare Planeswalkers in Core Set 2020.


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