Mythic Championship II starts on Friday in London, England. We have some awesome tournaments for you to join and prizes for you to win—and as always, you can make your own and invite some friends!

Win a Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition!

We’re celebrating the first Modern Mythic Championship with a paid fantasy tournament with sweet prizes—join our Pick 6 Players tournament for $5 that will award a Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition as first prize and Hipsters gear to everyone in the Top 8.

There are always plenty of free ways to play! Enter our free Pick 6 Players or Pick 6 Cards tournaments and you could win some Hipsters gear!

Create Your Own League and Invite Your Friends!

Thousand Leagues also supports free private leagues. There are two drafting options for the Mythic Championship, Pick X and Snake, and you can choose to draft either Players or Cards. So make your own Mythic Championship II London league and invite some friends!

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