On Thursday afternoon, Fandom Legends will hold the first of its new weekly $4,000 MTG Arena tournament series at 2PM Eastern on twitch.tv/fandom.

The tournament will feature Best-of-Three Standard with five rounds of Swiss pairings and will be casted by Mike Sigrist and Alexander Hayne. There will then be a cut to a traditional single-elimination Top 8 bracket, which will be casted by David “TheAsianAveneger” Nguyen and Seth “SaffronOlive” Waterman. The winner will take home $1,600, with $800 for second place, $400 for third and fourth, and $200 for fifth through eighth places.

The 16 players invited to the event are a mix Magic Pro League members and streamers, including Magic Pro Tour Hall of Famers and MPL members William Huey Jensen, Seth Manfield, Martin Juza, and Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa, as well as popular Magic streamers Kenji “Numot” Egashira, Caleb Durward, Amy “Amazonian” Demicco, and Jeff Hoogland.

Fandom Expands Its Role in the MTG Community

Fandom, formerly Wikia, is a for-profit wiki hosting service that powers essential parts of the Magic community, such as MTGSalvation and Gamepedia. They also have a partnership with MTGGoldfish.

When they purchased Curse Media last December, Fandom also acquired Curse Trials, a tournament series that featured PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. Curse Trials has been renamed Fandom Legends and now hosts weekly Smash Ultimate and MTG Arena tournaments on Twitch at twitch.tv/fandom.

Hipsters of the Coast spoke with Bryan Herren, Sales Product Manager at Curse, and he explained that Fandom is starting their weekly MTG Arena tournaments in order to further engage the communities of the games that that the company has properties in. Their goal is to host these tournaments weekly, every Thursday, and potentially support qualifier tournaments so anyone can qualify to play in them. For now, though, the tournament series will remain invite-only because of the lack of a spectator mode in MTG Arena, which means that Fandom must rely on players’ streams in order to provide coverage of the events.

Fandom Legends’ first $4,000 MTG Arena begins today at 2PM Eastern on twitch.tv/fandom.

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