Today, ChannelFireball announced that they will be streaming “select” Grand Prix starting with Grand Prix Los Angeles on March 1-3, 2019.

ChannelFireball with be moving Grand Prix video coverage to their own Twitch channel,, and Wizards of the Coast will be “subsidizing some of the video coverage expenses” for at least five Grand Prix this year. The coverage team for Grand Prix LA will be Luis Scott-Vargas, Riley Knight, Marshall Sutcliffe, William “Huey” Jensen, and Vincent Chandler, better known as PleasantKenobi.

Moving Towards Resolving Coverage Changes

Previously, all Magic Grand Prix coverage, both written and video, was handled by Wizards of the Coast and streamed at But then last month, after no one showed up to cover Grand Prix New Jersey, Wizards revealed that they would no longer be providing live text or video coverage of any future Grand Prix.

ChannelFireball, which was given the exclusive rights to organize Grand Prix in 2017, stepped up to provide text coverage of the next Grand Prix in Toronto, but not video coverage, leaving many to wonder if Grand Prix would ever regain video coverage. Today’s announcement answers that question, at least for “select” Grand Prix.

We reached out to ChannelFireball for comment but did not hear back before publishing.

UPDATE: Added info about the extent Wizards’ and CFB’s agreement.

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