First things first—Fantasy Pro Tour is now Thousand Leagues! It was always part of the plan to integrate Fantasy Pro Tour into a larger brand, but then Wizards of the Coast went and changed the name of the Pro Tour to Mythic Championships, forcing us to make the change earlier than anticipated.

Now, on to the good stuff.

Vintage Super League is Back!

Season 9 of Vintage Super League begins this Tuesday, January 15, at 9 PM Eastern. That and every following Tuesday until March 26, you’ll be able to watch some of the best Vintage minds duke it out on stream!

To celebrate, we’ve launched awesome new fantasy leagues for you to join—and win!

To start, we have your traditional season-long Pick 6 Players or Cardstournaments, which will count results from the entirety of VSL Season 9. They’re easy—just sign up and choose your six favorite players or cards!

And new for VSL, we have weekly Pick ‘Em tournaments! Each week you’ll be able to try and correctly pick the winners of the week’s six matches. Pick the most winners and you’ll, well, win!

Not interested in our public leagues? Well, you can create your own league and invite your friends!

Read More About VSL and Get an Edge on the Competition

We’ve got plenty of content for you to read if you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition.

First, we previewed VSL and all of the players that will be in Season 9. Then, we ran down the Top 5 decks in Vintage, as well as the Top 10 cards in Vintage. And there’s more to come this week and next!

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