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This weekend inn Barcelona, Spain, Team France (Jean-Emmanuel Depraz, Arnaud Hocquemiller, and Timothée Jammot) won the 2018 World Magic Cup. France last won the WMC in 2013 with a team made up of Raphaël Lévy, Timothée Simonot, Yann Guthmann, and Stephane Soubrier.

France was joined in the Top 8 by (in seed order) Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Israel, China, Australia, and Slovakia. Ivan Floch led Slovakia to their fourth WMC Top 8, while Italy made its fourth straight Top 8—each led by Andrea Mengucci.

The bulk of the tournament featured Team Unified Standard, meaning each team had to build three Standard decks that didn’t share any cards. You can find all of the decklists here.

Ravnica Allegiance Previews!

I definitely wasn’t prepared for Ravnica Allegiance previews this morning, but after some RNA promos leaked over the weekend, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Anyway, check out the RNA trailer, the new Rakdos mechanic “Spectacle”, and some sweet RNA promos cards.

The 32 Players in the 2019 Magic Pro League

Wizards gave ESPN the exclusive to announce the 32 players that will play in the Magic Pro League next year. They will compete in the invite-only Mythic Championship at PAX East in Boston in March, as well as every other Mythic Championship.

The Possible Return of Faeries..and Lorwyn?

Were you around when Faeries last dominated Standards? If so, sit down before you read this: Mark Rosewater, Head Designer of Magic, said this weekend that he’s been in a recent playtest session that featured the Faerie creature type. Combine that with some art-related clues and it certainly seems like a return to Lorwyn could be in the making.


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