Richard is back! Zac Talks about a stunning run with TempoMage and we look at HSReplay as a resource for determining what deck to play in the current meta.

Tempo Mage
Arcane Missiles x2
Mana Wyrm x2
Shooting Star x2
Arcanologist x2
Frostbolt x2
Primordial Glyph x2
Sorcerer's Apprentice x2
Arcane Intellect x2
Cinderstorm x2
Counterspell x1
Explosive Runes x2
Kirin Tor Mage x2
Stargazer Luna x1
Cosmic Anomaly x2
Fireball x2
Aluneth x1
Archmage Antonidas x1

Neutral Cards
Bloodmage Thalnos x1

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