Today, WizKids announced a new range of miniatures called Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm, which will be released in September 2018 with an MSRP of $86.76 for a 24-miniature box (pictured below).

$86.76 MSRP for 24-miniature box.

Each miniature will represent a token from Magic’s history. There will be 28 Creature Forge minis upon the release of Overwhelming Swarm, including Angel, Dragon, Spider, Zombie, and Dinosaur. The miniatures will stand 55 millimeters high, which is slightly less than the short side of a Magic card, and will come with a colored base that matches the token’s color.

Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm is the culmination of WizKid’s 2017 announcement of an MTG board game and miniatures set. The board game was revealed to be Heroes of Dominaria, which was originally given a July 2018 release date but is now rumored to be released in September alongside Overwhelming Swarm.

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