On today’s Minute: Oliver Tomajko won US Nationals to become the youngest US national champion ever. Plus, Brazil’s World Magic Cup team is stacked with 3 PT winners and Storm wins a Modern SCG Open.

The final weekend of National Championships are over and the national teams for the World Magic Cup are set. 600 players descended on Richmond, Virginia where Oliver Tomajko won the U.S. national title with Blue-Black Control. At 17 years old he became the youngest national champion in U.S. history, besting Matt Linde by a few months. Tomajko will be joined by runner-up Gerry Thompson and team captain Reid Duke at the World Magic Cup this December.

Brazil also amassed a fearsome team this weekend as three pro tour winners were named to their squad. Captain Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa will be joined by Carlos Romao and Lucas Esper Berthoud and this imposing trio promise to be one of the favorites in this year’s World Magic Cup.

Modern was also on the schedule this weekend at the SCG Open in Charlotte, North Carolina. Paul Muller won the event with Gifts Ungiven Storm, defeating Affinity. Both decks had two copies in the top-eight, alongside Collected Company, Death’s Shadow, Land Destruction, and a Merfolk deck featuring Ixalan newcomers Merfolk Branchwalker, Kumena’s Speaker, and Kopala, Warden of Waves.


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