I love ranking things, especially when the only basis for the ranking is my taste! HOORAY! Let’s go!

#5 Command Beacon

This card has a very bright horizontal line emanating from either side of a very bright ball of light on top of a tower. The orange and blue work as complimentary colors do. Very nice.

#4 Meren of Clan Nel Toth

I love free floating green glowing skulls.

#3 Caller of the Pack

All ghost dog references are good ghost dog references.

#2 Kalemne’s Captain

“Kalemne’s Captain, SMASH!”—Kalemne’s Captain

#1 Gigantoplasm

Have you been wondering what Fblthp has been up to since his appearance on Totally Lost? Wonder no more! He’s been running away from goblins and hanging out with a shapeshifter. Fblthp is no longer alone! What a happy ending!
Matt Jones plays Magic very infrequently these days, has been reading a lot of poetry, playing tons of basketball with the Magicians, and painting and drawing non-stop during his “free” time. A few months ago he fell in love. He recently relaunched his website, www.mattjonesrules.com

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