Greetings fellow planeswalkers and welcome to the 2015 March Madness tournament! This year’s tournament features 31 of the most famous and infamous planeswalkers from across the multiverse facing off in eight different arenas. Our dedicated staff of analysts and reporters are on-hand to bring you all of the exciting action as these powerful beings face off in one of the deadliest, intense, and time-honored competitions known across the ‘verse: basketball.

March Madness 2015 Schedule

Regional Preview

Regional Recap/Sweet Sixteen Preview

Sweet Sixteen Recap/Elite Eight Preview

Elite Eight Recap/Final Four Preview

Final Four Recap/Championship Preview

Championship Recap

Regional Match Previews

Stadium of the Boros Legion – Ravnica


(1) Jace Beleren vs (4) Ral Zarek
(2) Domri Rade vs (3) Vraska

The first match, coming live from the competitive heart of the Boros Legion, will be a re-match for the ages. Ral Zarek, still bitter about his humiliation at the hands of the Living Guildpact during the running of the Dragon’s Maze will be looking to get revenge. Meanwhile, relative newcomer Domri Rade, a feisty, rebellious youth from the Gruul tribes will test his might against the Golgari’s champion gorgon: Vraska.

Gavony Township Civic Center – Innistrad


(1) Liliana Vess vs. (4) Tiablt
(2) Garruk Wildspeaker vs. (3) Tamiyo

The devilishly handsome Tibalt will try his best to upset the demonic-pact-making Liliana in the first match from Gavony’s recently rebuilt Civic Center (for those living under a rock it was set ablaze by a pack of werewolves several moons ago). The hunter supreme, Garruk, will then face-off against one of the most revered sages from Kamigawa in Tamiyo.

Temple of Triumph – Theros


(1) Elspet Tirel vs. (4) Xenagos
(2) Ajani, Goldmane vs. (3) Kiora

The land of the gods will be home to a battle of epic proportions as two recently deceased planeswalkers go head-to-head in the Temple of Iroas. Elspeth and Xenagos who died in the epic battle to slay each other will both rise from their ashes for our entertainment. Afterwards, two of the story’s main supporting stars will also compete as Ajani, the mentor of Elspeth, and Kiora, the trickster who set Elspeth down her fateful path, will also take the court.

The Atarka Hunting Fields – Tarkir


(1) Ugin vs. (4) Narset
(2) Sarkhan Vol vs. (3) Sorin Markov

Tarkir’s eldest planeswalker, Ugin, will look to educate its youngest planeswalker, Narset, when the ancient spirit dragon takes on the transcendent master. In the following match-up, Ugin’s longtime friend Sorin, the lord of his own world Innistrad, will go up against the recently-made-sane-again Sarkhan Vol, the planeswalker orphaned by time itself.

Yawgmoth Memorial Arena – New Phyrexia


(1) Karn vs. (4) Venser
(2) Tezzeret vs. (3) Koth

The masters of New Phyrexia, the plane formerly known as Mirrodin, have finally compleated the Yawgmoth Memorial Arena, located just down the avenue from the former site of the Darksteel Citadel. The arena will be christened with a heart-breaking match between the reinvigorated silver golem Karn, and the man who sacrificed his spark and his life to save him, Venser. Then, two heavyweights will step on the hardwood as Alara’s own Tezzeret, a man with much in common with the Phyrexians, will go up against Koth, one of the few survivors of Mirran origin.

Emeria Sky Stadium – Zendikar


(1) Chandra Nalaar vs. (4) Ob Nixilis
(2) Nissa Revane vs. (3) Nahiri

The firebrand takes to the court against one of the blackest sparks in the multiverse when Chandra and Ob Nixilis go toe-to-toe at the newly renovated Emeria Sky Stadium, funded in part by the Eldrazi Relief Fund. That fund’s staunchest supporter, Nissa Revane, will go up against the original lithomancer Nahiri, in a battle for who is responsible for the most damage to Zendikar, the planeswalker who locked up the Eldrazi there or the one who let them free?

Paliano Coliseum – Fiora


(1) Ashiok vs. (4) Dack Fayden
(2) Daretti vs. (3) Gideon Jura

The plane of Fiora is home to a variety of unique characters and many of them are planeswalkers. Four of them will make their way to the Coliseum in Paliano, the High City, to make the high rolling bettors of the land come to try to make a fortune. Ashiok, a being who we thought only existed in nightmares, will take on the supposedly master thief and Fiora native Dack Fayden. Next up, Gideon Jura, the champion of Theros, will go up against the construct-master Daretti.

Tolarian Academy Gymnasium – Dominaria


(1) Nicol Bolas – BYE
(2) Teferi vs. (3) Freyalise

Our final matches come from the much-maligned land of Dominaria, in the gymnasium of the newly rededicated Tolarian Academy. There, the Temporal Archmage Teferi, from Zhalfir, will go up against Freyalise, the fury of Llanowar. The winner will secure a date for the Dominarian basketball title with the eldest dragon legend himself: Nicol Bolas.

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